Our Ethos and Values

Our Aims and Vision

‘Where learning flourishes through natural curiosity’

Every child is nurtured through a high standard of education and wealth of new experiences and challenges. Within a caring and Christian environment, the children enjoy the delight of learning through investigation, discovery and play.

At St Michael’s we aim to:

  • Put the Christian faith and values at the centre of our school
  • Equip the children with the skills and self-belief to achieve their dreams in an ever changing world
  • See learning through the eyes of the individual child to meet their social, spiritual, moral, intellectual and emotional needs
  • Provide children with a broad and stimulating curriculum where they develop their skills, positive attitudes to school and a love of learning
  • Support collaboration between family and school and maintain strong links with the Church and community

St Michael’s Christian Values

As a Church school with a strong Christian ethos, we are committed to doing the best for all of the children in our care, making everyone feel included and valued.

We have worked with members of our community to choose 6 Christian based values that will help guide us to be the best we can be in our everyday lives:


These values will form the foundation of our choices as adults and we will take the time to learn more about what they mean and question what they might look like in our community and beyond, making sure this is understood by children and relevant to them.

“Values are the principles we live by, informing how we behave in our dealings with others, defining our morality and our aspirations. They represent our vision of the person we would like to be and our vision of the world as we would like it to operate.”

Sustaining hope in School leadership, Alan Flintham

Partnership with Parents

We believe that parental support is vital to a child’s education. Parents know their child better than anybody and in the early days at school we need to share that information.

The partnership process begins before children start school. Parents/carers are invited to meetings in the summer term their child starts school to meet staff and explore the practical routines of life at school and find out a bit more about the curriculum. The children are invited to a series of play sessions to meet their teacher and the other children who will be starting school with them. These visits are fun and friendly.

Once a child has joined the school we continue to provide support that parents appreciate.

Ofsted reported on parents’ views:

“Parents are overwhelmingly positive about the school.  Every single parent who completed Ofsted’s online questionnaire said they would recommend the school.”

Ofsted December 2016

We hold regular parents evenings to discuss the children’s progress towards their targets. We also hold curriculum evenings to explain what and how we teach, and how parents can best support at home.